Lolita Inspiration

I just finished reading Her Curious Elegance on lolita inspriation and what brought her into the fashion. I thought it was a great idea to get it down in writing what inspires me and how I was introduced into the world of lolita. I was introduced to lolita in college a little over a year ago, the very first day of the semester. I saw a girl in the library wearing the most beautiful polka dot dress, I adore polka dots thats why I remember so well but I was too shy to go up to her and compliment her on her dress, even though I wanted to. I left the library without knowing that she was lolita or even what lolita was, then a day or two later there she was in my japanese class!  We became great friends as the semester went on and she explained to me what lolita was, every week I saw her in new totally adorable outfits and I grew to love the fashion more and more, but I never looked into it or researched it for myself. 

For a long time I regarded it as something to appreciate but not something I could pull off myself because I'm a plus size girl, and a few yrs older then she, I thought it just wasn't an option, she told me over and over that I could wear it and pull it off,  that done right and dressing for your body type anyone could, but I just wouldn't believe her. Soon the semester ended and not long after that we both registered for a second semester of japanese. It was during this time that I began to think that perhaps I could incorporate some aspects of lolita into my wardrobe a puffy sleeved blouse or a cute bow in my hair but I still didn't, couldn't believe that I could actually wear lolita but my wonderful friend lent me all of the english Gothic and Lolita Bibles and looking through them I saw beautiful plus size lolitas and girls older then myself and I knew then that I had been a fool to let society box me in, I actually cried. And thus I began my journey to become a lolita (though I'm still not there yet) I'm very glad I did and I look forward to the future lolita me :)
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